Just a reminder that this saturday, the 31st, I will be attending the third Prestonpandemonium comics event in Scotland. It’s a great day out, and as it’s part of the larger Three Harbours Arts Festival, attracts all kinds of interesting people. I’ve got a new comic out for it called I Cashed A Dead Man’s Pension, which is so awesome I’m giving it away free. 🙂 Come and say hello if you’re going!

On the same day at the other end of our Green and Pleasant Land, the first No Barcodes event is taking place in Camden Market. London Underground Comics have assembled some of the finest small press creators in the UK, and it promises to be quite a day. So if you’re in London on saturday go to No Barcodes!

I wish I could go to both, but I’m not Madrox The Multiple Man!*



* For non-geeks: He’s in the X-Men and can make duplicates of himself. I’ll shut up now…