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As you may have heard, the wonderful British children’s comic The DFC is to cease publication soon unless a buyer is found.

There is a campaign to organise a subscriber buyout, if you can help please do. The DFC needs YOU!


It’s taken me a while but I just wanted to say a few words about what a wonderful convention Hi-Ex 2 was! The first one was a hard act to follow, but this year was even better. Graeme Neil Reid summed it up better than I could, but a few of my favourite moments were the Watchmen panel, the Judge Minty fan film, the marvellous Cinebooks, the now traditional saturday night drunken jam comic, and just seeing friends old and new, united by a love of comics. I have to give a special thank you to Vicky and Rich for all their hard work in putting Inverness on the comics map, and organising the best con I’ve ever been to.

See you at Hi-Ex 3!

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