Hello! I’m Ben Clark, and I’m a cartoonist and writer. I create my own comics under the Magic Beans banner, and I also contribute scripts and art to other small press publications. I was involved with the British anthology comic Solar Wind from the beginning, and it remains dear to my heart. Now Solar Wind is finished I’m mostly concentrating on my own comics, but I have work upcoming in various other titles too. You can read some of my earlier work on my Comicspace page. Thanks for looking at my website, and I hope you enjoy my comics and assorted rambling nonsense! 


Shop imminent! In the mean time please get in contact via e-mail if you’re interested in any of my comics, we can Paypal!

You can e-mail me at benclark2007@btinternet.com

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Or Xbox Live, my gamertag is MagicBeanz

All comic strips up in this crib are (c) Ben Clark 2009