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Bah! Season’s Greetings, I suppose.

The “good people” at Magic Beans Comics have told me that if I write a Christmas message against my will, then the next series of Mothman About The House will be along very soon. I couldn’t be bothered to argue so here I am.

It’s been a funny old year. Apart from that business with my shed I had quite a good 2008. The mighty Espana were victorious at Euro 2008, winning me over 600 quid in the process. The Beijing Olympics passed without incident which surprised me, as Springheeled Jack assured me he was going to “wreck the bastard”.

Blu-ray beat out HD-DVD in the high definition wars, although no-one in the world cares. Except maybe George Lucas. The BBC reached season 8 in their marathon showing of Murder, She Wrote. A return to form after a few dubious years, Jessica relocates to New York and teaches criminology at a local University.

Also Obama, Terrorism, Global Financial Meltdown. Tell it to someone who gives a shit.

Of course the greatest moment of the year is yet to come. Jonathan Creek Christmas Special, BBC1 next thursday. Come between me and my TV and I will hurt you.

That is all.


PS Chupacabra and Nessie told me to say Feliz Navidad, and Happy Hogmanay, respectively. I don’t speak foreign so I don’t know what they’re on about.

What I do know is that Christmas In Hollis by Run DMC is the greatest Christmas song ever. Word.


That’s all folks! Thank you to everyone who has been reading The Philadelphia Experiment, I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t worry Mothman will return!

In the next few weeks I will be starting a new comic strip, watch this space and thanks again to you all.


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