Little Comics

My range of little comics, so named because erm, they’re really little! I’ve done three so far and a fourth will be ready for the Prestonpans comics con in May. They’re all free! Come and say hello at a convention and grab a few, or e-mail me your address and I’ll send you some.


Tab Monkey

Jim the Monkey fights crime and smokes tabs. But will the ban on smoking in public places affect him? The short answer is yes.

Nessie Vs Dracula

Count Dracula was once the most fearsome creature in the world, but not anymore. In a bid to become scary once again, he decides to find The Loch Ness Monster and give it a good kicking.

Godzilla The Film Critic

When Monsters Review! Find out the awful truth about what the giant monster community thought of Cloverfield.

I Cashed A Dead Man’s Pension

Can Gaylord Donovan, The No-Faced Detective, solve the dark mystery of deadly death?

Ten Thousand Swords For Danny Kendal

Post Apocalyptic horror in a society built around the 1985 Grange Hill annual. Coming soon!