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Philadelphia 6

Mothman will be taking a break next week as the Magic Beans roadshow hits the Bristol Comics Expo! I hope to see some of you there, come and say hello and grab some comics! Part 7 will be up in two weeks.


Philadelphia 5

Part 6 on Sunday!

mothy vs sasquatch

I’ve started to upload some of my older comics onto Comicspace. Mothman’s ‘epic’ minicomic is first, and the Mike Neville adventure Return of The Mecha Mikezilla should be ready by the weekend. Hope you like them!

Philadelphia 4

Sorry for the delay! Part 5 on Sunday.

Philadelphia 3

Part 4 next Sunday!


Over at the 2000AD message board Stephen ‘Buttonman’ Watson has done a comic strip showing what happens when his character Spamface meets Mothman and his friends, it’s class!

Philadelphia 2

Part 3 next Sunday!

Philadelphia 1 

Part 2 will be up on Sunday!

Part one of the new Mothman comic strip will be here at seven tomorrow night! After that I’ll be putting up a new episode every Sunday. I hope you like it!

This is not an April Fool’s joke 🙂

If you’re wondering where the promised new Mothman story is, fear not I haven’t forgotten about him! I’ve joined Rok Comics, Drunk Duck and Comicspace in the last two weeks, and my webcomic horizons have suddenly expanded massively. I still haven’t decided what to do next, but I have some big plans. You’ll be the first to know, dear sexy reader.

As for Mothy, don’t worry, The Philadelphia Experiment is coming. Someone has stolen Mothman’s collection of Dallas memorabilia, and he is really upset.

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